Solid brass, real glass, stainless steel, natural components.... Since the choice of materials is an essential step in the manufacture and design of the finished product, CESSOT DECORATION develops its collections from top quality materials. The Company also assumes its responsibilities in terms of environmental protection, reflected in its Bamboo collections using a natural and environmentally friendly resource, and Alana, its FSC-certified range in steel and wood.

Our expertise
Every tube, bracket, curtain end piece and every accessory marketed highlights CESSOT DECORATION's commitment to the creation of decorative environments. Creativity and quality are the Company's cornerstones. Our designer uses trend and creative agencies that continually propose new projects, a monitoring and sourcing process that gives CESSOT DECORATION access to the newest technologies such as 3D printing.

3D printing is the tool that allows roughs, drawings and sketches to be converted from an idea to concrete reality, in a direct line from the mind to the prototype that one of our French partners will manufacture.

Different techniques can be used depending on the complexity of the item. The prototypes submitted to our customers are available in all the finishes included in the specifications (material finish, mother-of-pearl pigments, colours, etc.). This saves a lot of time and ensures incomparable quality of finish, allowing the item to be evaluated before it is launched.

Our service
CESSOT DECORATION is first and foremost a company with a human face where the various internal and external teams prioritise customer satisfaction, striving for irreproachable service and permanent accessibility to the different market operators.

The Company has several thousand square metres of surface area requiring generous inventories, and can offer its customers over 6,000 product listings that are continually updated.

Our support
CESSOT DECORATION's aim is to be constantly present at the highest level of the interior decoration market. This is achieved through promotional action plans, offers of customised collections and the implementation of promotional sales events and displays.

This is made possible thanks to our highly competent sales administration service and an efficient team of merchandisers that are available in the field, both in France and abroad.